About us

Stowarzyszenie Klub Strzelających Inaczej „KSI”, which could be translated to “a club of people who shoot differently”, was created on the initiative of citizens who seeked alternatives in shooting, and ability to develop their shooting skills. Those citizens decided to create a shooting club, which is all about shooting, but different than anywhere else. We are training situational shooting, shooting in harsh conditions, tactical shootings and we’re even replicating military manoeuvres, although you can find all kinds of shooters in our club. We’re proud to have people on board who just shoot for pure fun, people who train and compete in all kinds of shooting competitions and tactical ogres who enjoy shooting while exhausted, dehydrated and coated in mud. 

Our most important goal is to train anyone who is interested in shooting but was afraid to try or didn’t know where to begin. We’re also doing our best to promote shooting as a safe sport for everyone.

KSI’s statute of 2019-11-04

As a club, we offer:

0. We’ve got a valid shooting club license issued by PZSS (polish shooting federation) number LK-1154/2021 in pistol, rifle and shotgun disciplines. We’re trying our best to help our club members obtain a firearm permit in Poland as fast and as nicely as possible.

1. Indoor shooting range with two shooting rooms, one of which is 25m long and the other one 15m, fairly close to the Main Town of Gdańsk, free of charge for our club members.

2. Two outdoor shooting ranges in Świetlino and Zielnowo, full of possibilities (long distances up to 400m, 360 degrees shooting, killhouse, trap and skeet stations + much more)

3. Two times a month we organize shooting sessions on a shooting range in Nieczajna, close to Poznań, for our club members.

4. Gunsmithing and gun cleaning room on our shooting range in Gdańsk.

5. Discounts for medical examination required for a firearm permit.

6. Doing paperwork related to firearm permits as quickly as possible.

8. All kinds of helpful equipment like MantisX for free for our club members.

9. Contests for our club members.

9. Plenty of different shooting competitions (more than 25 competitions a year).

10. Self defence, dynamic shooting, static shooting, long distance shooting courses held on our ranges with discounts for our club members.

11. Discounts in gun shops, shooting ranges and other places based on the KSI member card.

12. Awards at shooting competitions for club members.

13. We have one of the lowest membership fees in Poland.

14. Free dynamic and static shooting training held weekly (dynamic – Tuesday, static – Wednesday) for members with their own firearms.

Sekcja dynamiczna DOUBLE D


15. Metal targets for our club members:
– mini poppers
– poppers
– moving targets
– plateracks
– trees
– gongs
– IPSC covers, target stands, electronic targets (Steel Alive) and more

16. KSI Forum for displaying unwanted toys and chatting outside of social networks

17. The KSI group on Facebook

18. YouTube channel where you can often find interesting movies

Club President
Robert Rosa

Club Vice President
Borys Romanko



Association “Club Shooting Differently KSI”
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81-113 Gdynia
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