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Back to the roots. How did it all begin?

Idea for this competition sprouted inside Borys’ Romanko head for many years before the first edition took place. The idea was to create a competition testing a full range of shooting skills, terrain navigating skills, ability to work in teams of two – while carrying heavy equipment, backpacks and firearms. And so it all began, in 2016, on a military compound in Strzepcz, Poland – the first edition of Light Infantry, with a total of 12 competitors

Sadly, we had to wait three years for the next edition to take place. Lack of a suitable shooting range made it impossible to do. Since 2019, the competition has taken place on a shooting range called “Podwórze Koguta” (Rooster’s Yard) in a very small village called Zielnowo in Poland, Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Light Infantry? What’s this?

Light Infantry is a shooting competition with elements of navigation. There are three categories: Light, Lighter, Lightest. The goal of all categories is to capture as many waypoints (navigation points) deployed in tough terrain around the shooting range as possible, and to appear on given shooting windows and shoot as many stages as possible. Given formulas have a different amount of waypoints and shooting stages.

Just as mentioned, depending on the chosen formula, competitors have more waypoints and shooting stages, or less. The exact numbers are as follows:
Light Infantry:
  • 36 hours
  • around 30 shooting stages – first day, night-time and morning
  • around 30 waypoints in total
  • obligatory mortar-carry task
  • canoeing
Lighter Infantry:
  • 18 hours
  • 22 shooting stages
  • around 20 waypoints
  • obligatory mortar-carry task
Lightest Infantry:
  • 15 stages in the span of 8 hours
  • around 15 waypoints

Video by Polenar Tactical

Time until next competition:


Mini gallery of photos from the Lekka Piechota competition