IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) is a sport shooting competition that is significantly different from traditional sport shooting. Movement and time pressure are key characteristics of IPSC. Participants use 9×19 mm and larger calibre ammunition. Wearing protective eyewear and ear guards is mandatory for both participants and spectators. At each stage the competitor is accompanied by a different range officer. Realistic shooting distances, custom designed targets and steel targets, the unique nature of the competition, and mastery of firearms are the most fascinating aspects of this shooting discipline. The “Klub Strzelających Inaczej” (“Club Shooting done Differently”) organised its first IPSC competition in 2018 at the Świetlina shooting range. One of the main initiators of that event was Zbyszek Frost, a creative and experienced veteran of Polish IPSC. In October 2020, the “Klub Strzelających Inaczej” organised its first IPSC competition at the Podwórze Koguta shooting range in Zielnowo. In 2021, they successfully organised three such events, which gained an increasing interest and recognition among participants. They are continuously improving and optimising the organisation to conduct IPSC shooting competitions regularly in the future.

Why come to our competition?

Our main advantage is in the thoroughly designed and thought-out stages, which are meticulously planned. Prior to each competition, we present our ideas to the participants, allowing them to provide feedback or suggestions even before the event itself. The venue where the “Klub Strzelających Inaczej” organises IPSC competitions, Podwórze Koguta in Zielnowo, is constantly being modernised and improved. As a result, practically every stage at our competitions is located on a separate lane. One of the key aspects we pay great attention to is the smooth conduct of the competitions. We optimise the number of participants in squads and strategically arrange the stages to minimise the waiting times for shooting. And perhaps most importantly, the IPSC competitions in Zielnowo are run by a highly cohesive and dedicated team of dynamic shooting enthusiasts. Club members Paweł and Karolina Linda, along with Tomek Babicz, design the competition stages, build them, and dedicate countless hours to preparing each of them. Witek Załuska serves as the head Range Officer and organises the refereeing staff. Among the referees, we also have a couple of individuals who have been with us from the beginning, such as Michał Rożyński, Paweł Musiał, and the aforementioned Zbyszek Frost. It’s impossible to mention all the referees since each event is supported by over twenty Chief Range Officers (CROs), Range Officers (ROs), and helpers, with over 30 individuals involved in the organisation as a whole.

Overseeing everything and the “father” of this endeavour is Michał Skurzyński.

Stay tuned to our website for updates on upcoming IPSC competitions at the “Klub Strzelających Inaczej”.

Przetłumaczyła/Translated by Agnieszka Nikodem 2023

Photo gallery from the IPSC competition

IPSC competition video