KSI Gdansk – The best shooting range in Poland

Come experience the ultimate shooting range in Gdansk!

KSI is the premier shooting range located in the center of Gdansk.

With some of the best and most experienced, trained professionals from all over the shooting world, your fun and safety are our top priorities.

From both sides of the Cold War all the way to Call of Duty fan favorites, we have many different firearms to choose from when you arrive at our Gdansk Shooting range. From handguns and pistols to rifles, sub-machine guns and shotguns, we have it all here at the most exciting Gdansk shooting range in Poland! Whether you want to practice your aim sign up for some high-adrenaline fun, your Gdansk adventure starts here with us.

Come shoot with us and experience the excitement of the world of guns. We have many different packages available depending on what you want to try, all customizable. With one of the widest selections of guns to try, there is endless excitement waiting for you at KSI, the leading shooting range in Gdansk and one of, if not the top shooting range in Poland.

Contact for organizing events or experiences here:

+48 530386445 (10 am – 06 pm )


P.S. You need documents with ID number (ID card, passport, driver licence etc.)
P.S.S. You need to be sober!

PLN 35

It's doesn’t kick!

(this package is recommended for the youngest and the shy)
10 rounds from a sports rifle - ammunition .22 long rifle
10 rounds from a sports pistol - ammunition .22 long rifle
A basic package for those who want to find out if shooting is something for them, at a low cost. The package includes rimfire weapons with a very gentle recoil.
Time: 30 minutes
80 PLN

Handgun Operator

20 rounds from two different 9mm pistols
Your choice from: Glock, CZ,
H&K, S&W, Beretta, XDM, SigSauer
A package designed for fans of handguns who want to see the difference between selected models of centerfire pistols - from the most popular: Glock, through Czech models of handguns, American brands such as Smith & Wesson or the Italian Beretta.
PLN 150

My First Time

15 rounds from a center fire pistol - 9x19mm ammunition
10 rounds from the AR15 rifle - .223 ammunition
5 rounds from the shotgun - 12/70 (12GA) ammunition
This package provides an overview of the basic types of small arms.
70 PLN

Thick pipe

5 rounds from the center fire pistol 1911 - ammunition .45 ACP
5 rounds from the revolver - ammunition .357 Magnum
5 rounds from the shotgun - ammunition 12/70 (12GA)
A package for those who do nothing half way! The largest calibers available at our shooting range.
130 PLN

You’re in the army now!

10 rounds with a pistol central point - 9x19mm ammo
10 rounds of AK rifle -ammunition 7,62x39mm
10 rounds AR15 rifle - .223 ammunition
If you ever wondered what it would be like in the army, then choosing this package will let you experience all of that magic without all the pushups! The package includes shooting with a pistol and two iconic rifles of the American AR and the Russian AK.
250 PLN

A little bit of everything - full fun!

10 rounds from the center fire pistol - 9x19mm ammunition
5 rounds from the 1911 pistol - ammunition .45 ACP
6 rounds from the revolver - ammunition .38 Special
5 rounds from the AR15 carbine - ammunition .223
5 rounds from the AK carbine - ammunition 7.62x39mm
5 shotgun rounds - 12/70 ammunition (12GA)
A package for those who want to try shooting with a large variety of weapons.
300 PLN

Full magazine

30 rounds from the AR15 rifle - .223 ammunition
30 rounds from the AK rifle - 7.62x39mm ammunition
Using this package, you will be able to heat up the barrel of the rifle enough so that you have to be careful not to blanch. Two full magazines - one from the AK, one from the AR is a plan for a quick but very intense visit to the shooting range.
350 PLN

Time to heat up the steel

50 rounds from center fire pistols - 9x19mm ammunition
30 rounds from the rifle (AK or AR)
10 rounds from the smoothbore shotgun - 12/70 ammunition ( 12GA)
The largest package for people who want to spend a lot of time at the shooting range. The package includes 50 rounds from various pistols, which will allow you to learn about many types of handguns and develop basic skills that will allow you to shoot accurately. In addition, a full magazine from an AK or AR rifle and 10 rounds from a shotgun.

ammunition prices

20 PLN - 10 rounds (.22 long rifle)
40 PLN - 10 rounds (9x19mm)
30 PLN - 5 rounds (7,62x39, 5,45x39, .223)
25 PLN - 5 rounds shotgun (12/70)
25 PLN - 5 rounds revolver (.38 Special lub .357 Magnum)
25 PLN - 5 rounds Colt 1911 (.45 ACP)

Shooting range in Gdansk

For those who want to spend more time with us,

Our club organizes shooting picnics, competitions, trainings and integration events.Planning a bachelor party or work integration? Our shooting range in the center of Gdansk has multiple attractive offers to best suit your group’s needs. Get in touch with us to get things moving.

If you are interested in shooting or want to spend your free time at the shooting range, you’ve come to the right place! Let us organize your next bachelor, bachelorette party, fun evenings out or events at our shooting range in Gdansk.

We will ensure that you have a safe and unforgettable day at our multi axis shooting range.

Contact for organizing events or experiences here:

+ 48 530586445