Shotgun Differently Competition)

By organising the first Shotgun Differently (Strzelba Inaczej) Competition, I wanted to achieve two things: satisfy the demand for shotgun competitions, which are scarce in the Pomerania (northern Poland) region, and create a place that would be perfect for people who are just starting their adventure with sports shooting.

A large group of people who already own shotguns are not convinced to participate in any competitions. They don’t feel the need to take part in events like 3-gun or IPSC Shotgun. Often, when I ask such individuals why they don’t join competitions, I hear, “I only shoot recreationally and for fun.” I would say that works perfectly! This is an ideal place not only for the athletes who love the thrill of competing and climbing up the leaderboard from one edition to another but also for the complete amateurs of sport shooting who simply want to have a good time with a bang! At these competitions, you will experience much more than static shooting at plate racks. There will be many elaborate and fun lanes and obstacles, shooting at various targets – not only steel and paper ones but also demolishing other objects. 😉 You don’t need professional equipment or the most expensive shotgun. You can even start with a club pump-action or double-barreled shotgun, keep shells in your pockets, and have a great time! You can rely on understanding and patience from the staff. A friendly atmosphere guaranteed. 😊

At the competition, you will find:

  • ● 4 exciting lanes
  • ● The opportunity to use any shotgun you desire (3 equipment classes: Pump-Action, Double-Barreled, and Open)
  • ● The opportunity to use club firearms and ammunition
  • ● Barbecue or bonfire with refreshments
  • ● Awards from the sponsors
  • ● Medals for the top three places in each equipment class
  • ● Good fun and a relaxed atmosphere!

Tłumaczenie ze strony KSI – Agnieszka Nikodem

A video of the Rifle competition differently